Step 1:

Make sure you already have an account for the desktop version of Minecraft (PC/MAC). You can buy one from here.

Step 2:

Install the IBA_GAME modpack for Minecraft from the TechnicLauncher by following these instructions.

Step 3:

Start IBA_GAME by pressing PLAY in TechnicLauncher then go to Multiplayer and join the preconfigured Server IBA_GAME | 20.000 BLOCKS - SERVER.


In IBA_GAME you create small neighbourhoods like the one you see below. Hundreds of them form a new city quarter designed by you and other players.

sample neighbourhood IBA_GAME
sample Patrick Henry Village IBA_GAME

When you start the game and join our Minecraft server you will go through a tutorial that explains everything you need tp know in order to play the game.

Tutorial Heidelberg IBA_GAME


IBA_GAME is an initiative of IBA Heidelberg and is built on the 20.000 BLOCKS platform by the Digital Design Unit (DDU) at Technische Univesita╠łt Darmstadt. It is made possible by Eternit GmbH.

20.000 BLOCKS

20.000 BLOCKS is collaborative platform based on the multiplayer game Minecraft. It harnesses the collective intelligence of players into a powerful creative exploration tool. The platform can be adapted for various architectural, urban and design tasks. Learn how your project can benefit from 20.000 BLOCKS. Get in touch!

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